Buddha had been away from his place for a long time now and one day he decided to go to his own place and he told his followers that they would go to Kapilavastu. They all began the long walk to Buddha’s childhood home. News soon spread in Kapilavastu and people were excited and happy.
    King Shuddhodana was overjoyed to hear of his son’s return. When he learned that the Buddha had many followers, he become proud and thought, “My son has become a great leader after all. I am so proud of him.”
    He sent a servant ahead to see what his son was like after so many years. The servant arrived where Buddha and his followers were staying. They were all carrying wooden bowls and went from staying. They were all carrying wooden bowls and went from door to door in the village begging for their food. Then they returned to where  they were staying and ate their simple meal together in silence.
    The servant returned to Kapilavastu and reported all of this to the King. The King was furious that the royal prince had become a beggar. He rode out of the palace and went to where his son was staying. He was very impressed to see his son surrounded by followers. They greeted each other lovingly. Then the King asked, “Is it true what I hear, that you beg for your food each morning?”
    “Yes, this is true. It is our custom to beg.”
    The King become angry with this. “Our custom?” he shouted. “You are not supposed to beg. You are a royal prince.”
    Buddha replied, “Father, this is true. But I come from a have always been very humble. They received their food from the people they met. When I say it is our custom to beg, I mean it is the custom of Buddhas.”
    Then he taught him the Nobel Truths and the path leading to the end of all suffering. After listening to him for a long time, the King said, “It is true, you are far more than just my son. I bow before you, O Buddha. Please accept me, who once wanted you to be a king, as one of your disciples.”
    Soon afterwards, Buddha’s wife Yasodhara, his son Rahula, the aunt who brought him up and many others from the palace also asked to become his followers. “We were so unhappy when you rode away from us so many years ago,” they told him. “But now you have brought us so much happiness and peace of mind with your teachings of the truth. We are glad that you left us and have returned as a Buddha.

The Luminous Life of Buddha ( မဟာလူသား မြတ်ဗုဒ္ဓ ) Edited by SHYAM DUA TINYTOT Publication

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