Learn Together, Win Together ⇒ Everyday Vocabulary – 0003

Learn Together, Win Together ⇒ Everyday Vocabulary – 0003
[One] campus (n)
တက္ကသိုလ် ပရိဝုဏ်၊ နယ်မြေ။
⇒ He lives on the campus.(ie within the university grounds)

[Two] finance (n)
ဘဏ္ဍာရေး၊ ဘဏ္ဍာငွေ။
⇒ Finance for education comes from taxpayers.
⇒ Our Finance director
⇒ the Minister of Finance

[Three] household (n)
အိမ်ထောင်စု။ အိမ်သူအိမ်သားများ။
⇒ Most households now own a television set.
⇒ household bills/goods/appliances

[Four] massive (adj)
1.ထုထည်ကြီးမားသော။ လေးလံသော။
⇒ a massive building/rock
2.ထူးထူးကဲကဲကြီးမားသော။ များပြားသော။ တစ်ခဲနက်ဖြစ်သော။
⇒ drink a massive amount of alcohol
⇒ suffer a massive (ie very severe) heart attack

[Five] perceive (v)
1.သတိမူမိသည်။ လေ့လာမိသည်။
⇒ I perceived a change in his behaviour.
She perceived that he was unhappy.
2.သဘောပေါက်မိသည်။ တွေးဆမိသည်။ သိရှိထားသည်။
⇒ That is not the way I perceived the situation.
⇒ I perceived his comment as a challenge.

[Six] inquiry (n)
⇒ On inquiry, I found it was true.
⇒ I have been making some inquiries about it. 
2.စုံစမ်းစစ်ဆေးမှု။ စုံစမ်းထောက်လှမ်းခြင်း။
⇒ Two men are helping the policeman with their inquiries.
⇒ hold an official inquiry

[Seven] port (n)
⇒ fishing ports
⇒ Yangon is a major port.
2.သဘောၤဆိပ်။ ဆိပ်ကမ်း။
⇒ a naval port
⇒ The ship spent four days in port.

[Eight] rely (v)
1.အမှီပြုသည်။ အားထားသည်။ အားကိုးသည်။
⇒ He relied on you supporting him.
2.စိတ်ချရသည်။ ယုံကြည်ရသည်။
⇒ You can rely on me to keep your secret.

Learn Together, Win Together ⇒ Everyday Vocabulary – 0003


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